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Our approach

We take a bottom-up approach and engineer bacterial consortia based on their interactions. Our deep understanding of function drives the selection of individual strains, which are then co-cultured using our proprietary technology.

Image of stained bacteria

The Microbiome is ripe for discovery

PharmaBiome is at the forefront of a new generation of microbiome therapies. The company’s innovative platform stands out for its short development cycles in engineering safe, efficient and scalable microbiome therapeutics. With well-defined products that address specific modes of action, we offer a solution that finally allows microbiome therapies to meet the demands of modern clinical practice. Our live bacterial mixtures (a.k.a. bacterial consortia) are groundbreaking in their function-based, modular design and their reliance on knowledge not only about specific bacterial strains but also on their interactions (bacterial ecology) and its impact on the robustness of the treatment and finally human health. This clearly distinguishes PharmaBiome from existing and emerging solutions and allows our singular positioning as leaders in the introduction of a new generation of microbiome-based therapies.

Focus on Function

PharmaBiome has addressed the functional challenge with the establishment of a unique platform for bacterial cultivation – the only manner to understand the functional significance of bacterial groups within the complex microbiome. This platform has provided new insights and allowed the development of groundbreaking new strategies for the development and production of multi-strain bacterial networks. The resulting microbiome therapies are function-based and can be tailored to specific indications. Using our platform, we demonstrated the growth of bacterial mixtures that can not be cultivated using common fermentation conditions and, importantly, we have achieved unprecedented efficacy in an animal model of gut inflammation and microbiota dysbalance.

Leading edge biotechnology

PharmaBiome’s product development starts with a unique, proprietary collection of well-characterized bacterial strains. Ecologically sound strain assembly and novel biotechnological tools result in highly scalable products with robust and well-understood modes of action. Highly efficient GMP-compatible production processes, as well as validated storage protocols make our product compliant with regulations and ready for the market. Our products are modular, meaning functions can be modified, replaced, or extended depending on the targeted indication or patient stratification. Our assembly strategy, based on the ecological rules of the microbiome, further guarantees robust efficacy, high control of the mechanism of action and a favorable safety profile.

Building on established proof of concept and advancing rapidly

Building on the proof of concept by Faecal Microbiome Transfer (FMT), we developed a first product that reduces the complexity of the intestinal microbiome, with over 500 different strains per individual, to a minimal mix of strains representing the key functions of healthy microbiomes. Since dysbiosis is a rupture of balance in mutually supportive and stabilizing functions, our function-based mix stably reverses dysbiosis by re-establishing a well-functioning intestinal microbiome. Through targeted selection of the used strains the mix exerts an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the re-generation of the intestinal epithelium.